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Ageless Style

For many undisputable reasons, the 80’s was an iconic era and there are many things we haven’t left there, one of which is fashion’s obsession with youth. Magazines such as The Face and iD launched in the 80’s and aimed to capture the youth of their time. And little has changed about that. Models of the moment are younger than ever, as are musicians and the rest. So it’s refreshing when fashion does something a little different. Something admirable and memorable and acknowledging the beauty of ageing is something that we’ve waited long enough for.  

Most of us Gen Y’s are pretty scared of growing old. We are told to buy anti-ageing products younger and younger in a bid to put off the inevitable. So isn’t it uplifting to see those who are ‘supposed’ to be using these products, rejecting them? There is no sign bigger than fashion house YSL releasing an anti-ageing range without the negative label, embracing a ‘Renaissance Treatment’ title. Further to this, more and more well known fashion houses are now using older models in their campaigns.

It was announced in February that Charlotte Rampling (known for the iconic 1970’s film ‘The Night Porter’ and her incredible cheekbones) would become the face of NARS cosmetics 20th anniversary campaign. Alongside this we have seen Daphne Selfe (who’s modelling career spans over six decades) star in campaigns for both Dolce and Gabanna and TK MAXX and Linda Rodin (founder of Rodin cosmetics range) pose for The Olson twins label The Row for their fall 2014 look book. And finally one of the most inspirational ladies in fashion, who recently graced the cover of The Gentlewomen magazine, Vivienne Westwood walked in her own fashion show, embraced a shaven head of her natural white hair and continued to be the pro-active activist that she is.

Often we look at people of our own age for style inspiration, we look to blogs and Instagram and social media but maybe, it’s about time we look somewhere else. For more inspiration, look to ‘The Advanced Style Documentary’ (premieres May 6th in London) which follows the stylish ‘old folks’ of New York. For more check out the blog (or book by founder Ari Seth Cohen, if that’s what you’re in to) here.

Words: Paige Hartley.

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