Culture: Discovering New Photographers -
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Culture: Discovering New Photographers

It could be argued that anyone — that is to say, anyone with the financial means to buy the best equipment — can break into the world of photography. However, as the old adage goes, money can’t buy you taste; the best photographers out there are those who have a good eye.

As every day passes, thousands of new Flickr accounts are created and more talent is there to be discovered. Here are three talented individuals who deserve more exposure…


Tina Sosna

tina sonsa
Beautiful redhead Tina Sosna is from Thuringa, Germany. Her photographs, whether taken of herself, her boyfriend, animals or plants, truly capture the beauty of youth and the world we live in. Grainy, ethereal and often moody, Tina’s shots often look as if they’ve taken through an Instagram filter. In January 2012, she opened her “little online print shop”, giving fans the chance to order their own little piece of Tina’s dream world, all for a reasonable price. You can view more of Tina’s work on her Flickr and blog.

Nina Ahn


Nina Ahn hails from South Korea, though she has had a pretty varied life, having lived in Istanbul, Kyoto and even Yorkshire, and she now resides in Seoul. Photography was originally a hobby for her, but she has since taken on a full-time career as a freelance photographer. Scrolling down her Flickr feed is a delight, showcasing a variety of vibrant, colourful work – both documentary and portraiture-style photography. While Nina’s aesthetic and subjects are not as set-in-stone as other photographers’, one of her main visual interests, which she hopes to pursue further in the future, is the world of plants and gardening. You can view more of Nina’s work on her Flickr and Tumblr.

Louis Edwin Fry


Louis is from North West London. He studied Photography at the University of the Arts London; an esteemed course at a university famously difficult to get into, so it is little surprise, then, that Fry is so talented. His style borders on the surreal but also captures a very real, very British sentimentality. My favourite of Fry’s works is his ‘Face Masks’ series, a set of psychedelic, manipulated photographs taken on instant film. Not only turning his hand to photography, Fry is also a videographer. You can view more of Louis’ work on his website, Flickr and Tumblr.



Written by Grace Howard.

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