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Yves Saint Laurent, 1985

Fashion in Film: Yves Saint Laurent

“I’m trying to express myself but if they try to stop me I’ll die”

Yves Saint Laurent, the film unravels around the life of French designer Yves Saint Laurent, from the very beginning of his career in 1957, when he takes over from Christian Dior, to his celebrated catwalk shows. Director Jalil Lespert concentrates on and follows Saint Laurent’s fascinating relationship with his business and life partner, Pierre Berge, from the day they first meet.

The film, which has been approved by Pierre Berge, was produced in France in French with English subtitles, making the viewer feel the cultured reality of the story. The opulent sets and glamorous feel of the film leaves the audience dazzled and longing to be part of the high-fashion nostalgia.

French actor Pierre Niney plays the lead role of Yves Saint Laurent, the 25- year-old comedy actor was chosen to bring out a more humorous side to the role, he also looks a lot like Yves too which can’t hurt. Actor Pierre Niney was given a very personal opportunity to speak with Yves Saint Laurent’s life partner Pierre Berge. However, the visually stunning film has received a critical reception. The Business of Fashion is quoted as saying:

“Beautiful as it is, it disappoints, failing to truly capture
the wealth of explosive moments in Saint Laurent’s
career and private life.”

The Guardian backs this up, stating that the movie ‘has lots of style and a scarcity of substance’. Make your mind up for yourself and give Yves Saint Laurent a try and if you don’t like it not to worry, there is more to follow as it is only the first of two films this year devoted to the designer.


Written by Lily Lanigan-Mackintosh.

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