Introducing: Le Youth -
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Introducing: Le Youth

90’s hype, nostalgia has been taken to a new level, by American born DJ and producer Le Youth. If you don’t recognize the name you’re sure to recognize his distinctive sound. Le Youth, real name Wes James, effortlessly combines eclectic electronic sounds with RnB and 90’s house, creating sounds with an indie twist, to the delight of Capital FM and Radio One listeners, both acclaimed radio stations have been avidly playing his debut single ‘C O O L’ .

We might have become sick of hearing TLC ‘No Scrubs’ thanks to Bastille but Le Youth teamed with Dominique Young Unique has cheekily slipped a sample in without the usual eye rolling reaction.

Listen to Le Youth sample TLC ‘No Scrubs’ in new song ‘Dance With Me‘. Le Youth has also earned himself a monthly tenancy on Capital Fm Xtra, you can listen to him every Month for his ‘Friday Night House Party’ where he plays his favourite tracks. Le Youth is going from strength to strength and will be a clear success. His music makes for the ideal soundtrack to summer. 

You can catch Le Youth at the following dates in the UK & Europe: April 2014 Tour:

Apr 03 – Rotterdam, Netherlands: Tickets

Apr 04 – Manchester, United Kingdom: Tickets

Apr 05 – Copenhagen, Denmark: Tickets COMING SOON

Apr 10 – Aberdeen, United Kingdom: Tickets

Apr 11 – London, United Kingdom: Tickets

Apr 12 – Glasgow, United Kingdom: Tickets

Apr 16 – Liverpool, United Kingdom: Tickets

Apr 17 – Chatham, United Kingdom: Tickets

Apr 18 – Paris, France: Tickets COMING SOON

 Apr 20 – Brighton, United Kingdom: Tickets




 Written by Lily Lanigan-Macintosh.

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