Music: Why We Love Banks -
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Music: Why We Love Banks

Set to explode onto the mainstream in 2014 is LA based singer Banks. Her heady, powerful and  R&B infused sound has already taken the new music scene by storm. After a tour with The Weeknd and two dates played at this years SXSW festival, she is currently working to release a record later this year, with much anticipation from her fans. With her videos shot in black and white, Banks’ music and style is set to be iconic. To introduce her to our readers, here are the reasons why we love Banks, and why you should too… 


She has already been nominated for prestigious music awards from MTV and the BBC. After releasing a song online, Banks was surprised to hear that her first play in the UK, courtesy of BBC’s Zane Lowe, was named the next hype record.

She started writing song lyrics and music at just 14. Taking inspiration from her emotions, Banks used music as a way to express herself and to provide an emotional outlet.


Her music is cleverly created to reflect her personality 100%. With her music taking her emotions to a new level, and videos reflecting her style and visual aesthetic Banks has already branded her sound and style as unique, and extremely desirable.


Banks has worked with a number of up and coming artists to build her presence on the live stage and add collaborations to her EPs. So far, she has toured with The Weeknd, collaborated with Lil Silva, Sohn and TEED, and a few secret artists who have been rumoured to be featuring on her new album.


With her music being described as an interesting fusion of R&B and electronic music, Banks is inspired by some of the greats. “I listened to pretty much anything that I could really feel, where I felt like the artist had to write those songs, where you can feel their soul and the pain and the happiness and love and everything. I love Lauryn Hill, Tracy Chapman, Fiona Apple. People like that. People you can really connect to on the most basic human level.”


Banks is fearless. She believes that “a little bit of fear is never a bad thing. A healthy amount of fear makes everything taste better.”

Her style and sound have already been noticed by the music and fashion magazine industries. Banks has already been on the cover of V magazine, Clash and Spex, and has had a feature and editorial in Nylon.


After having her sound played on UK radio for the first time by Zane Lowe, Banks made it onto the BBC’s sound of 2014 long list, giving her untold plays and a wider reach for her music.


A believer of connecting with fans who connect with her music in a natural and genuine way, Banks posted her personal number to Facebook and actively encouraged fans to get in touch. Despite describing things as getting “a little crazy” Banks has had a good reception so far and is aiming to reply and answer to everyone.


Banks is set for big things this year, and we are eagerly awaiting further news of her new album. You can check out her music, tour dates and get a sneak peek into her life at


Written by Sarah Stothard.

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