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New exercise craze BollyX

BollyX is the new craze that is going to be hitting the UK very soon… No, it’s nothing to do with volleyball or bowling… Remember when Zumba was all new and exciting? Yeah, we know it’s old news now, so be prepared for a totally different cultural experience with a lot of calories being burnt and sweat dripping from your bodies like it never has before.

What is it? BollyX “is a high intensity Bollywood cardio workout” inspired by Bollywood, this dance-fitness program combines intense dancing with funky Bollywood music. This intense workout will tone your body and you’ll also burn off an impressive 500-800 calories in one 50-minute session! You will be shaking your thing to the most energetic Bollywood beats and feeling your muscles burn like you never had before. Oh! And you’ll have brand new moves to show on the dance floor, so be prepared to “unleash your inner swagger!”

We are sad to say that BollyX is only available in America at the moment, so to all those UK viewers make BollyX happen quicker in a city near you, vote to bring the classes to you!

BOLLYX 1min from BOLLYX, Inc. on Vimeo.

Words: Charlotte Stephen.

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