Round Up: April
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Round Up: April

Spring has officially sprung, and the sunshine is trying its hardest.  Here’s some tasty April bits to get your teeth into.


 New Music from Childhood

childhood - just floating

 If there’s one band this month that should be on your need to know basis its Childhood. Already opening shows for the likes of Palma Violets and Temples, this rising indie band will be your new dancing go-to. Praised by the Smiths legend Johnny Marr, this four piece really seem to know what they’re doing. Do you really need an other excuse?


The Good Luck Of Right Now by Matthew Quick

"The Good Luck of Right Now" by Matthew Quick

Easter Sunday is supposed to be spent in the garden, with as many chocolate eggs as you can stuff, a large cup of tea and a good read. Matthew Quick, author of Silver Linings Playbook, has written another successfully, weirdly wonderful quirky piece of literature for you to loose yourself in. The Good Luck Of Right Now explores the themes of loss, family and the limitation of living with a physical and mental illness, all through a series of letters written to Richard Gere. Weird? Yes. Brilliant? Definitely.


Transcendence (released April 18th)

Wally Pfister, celebrated cinematographer takes to the directors chair in this mystery sci-fi thriller. Written by rookie screenwriter Jack Paglen this buzz-worthy film has Johnny Depp playing a terminally ill scientist who manages to upload his mind to a computer. Granting him power beyond his wildest dreams, with, as you can imagine, dangerous consequences. Scary reality and techy cinematography makes for this must watch film of the month.


Martin Creed at The Hayward Gallery

Martin Creed at Hayward Gallery

If you do one thing this month, take a trip to London’s Southbank at The Hayward Gallery and involve yourself in the extended exhibition that is Martin Creeds thought provoking and playful art. Extravagant room sized installations will allow you to loose yourself in his abundance of wit, humour and surprise. Music, media and motion add to the use of everyday materials and actions into surprising structures, that shape all of our lives. You MUST try the balloon room.

Listen: Sky Ferreira


With her bleached blonde hair and knockout stare, this girl is not your normal model turn singer, as she releases her debut album Night Time, My time. Catchy pop at its finest, Ferreira delivers haunting vocals and dance-pop rhythm. Need a bit of rebellion and teenage romance in your life? The answer, undoubtedly being yes. Sky Ferreira is your girl.

Written by Katie Muxworthy.

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