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SBTRKT ‘Transitions EP’

London-based SBTRKT, best known for his remixes of acts including Basement Jaxx and MIA, last week released a series of instrumental tracks under the title TRANSITIONS. Divided into three pairs, the tracks are accompanied with a hypnotic online visual display of shifting black and coloured lines. If it sounds a little trippy, that’s kind of the point. It’s impossible to watch the accompanying visual display without your eyes unfocussing, and the music manages to be hypnotic without becoming bland.

TRANSISTIONS was written over the last year whilst SBTRKT was recording for immanent second album. Like the music released prior to his debut album, all of the pieces are instrumental. This is clearly set to be a trend in SBTRKT’s music, showing the kind of innovation and experimentation that the London music scene is known for.

Each track is incredibly complex, and the pairs match up not so much in what they have in common, but in what sets them apart. As in his earlier work, SBTRKT proves himself to be eclectic to say the least, if not downright overblown.  Imagine the music that used to buzz out of your Gameboy. Now make it five times more complex, up the energy by a factor of ten, and add in a few additional bells and whistles, and you might be getting somewhere close to Resolute. Meanwhile, its brother track, Kyoto, reflects SBTRKT’s disparate influences by combining post-dubstep beats with synths inspired by traditional Japanese music. The stilted, waltzing beat of Stifle, the standout final track, is an instant brain worm which is nearly impossible to get out of your head.

TRANSITIONS is available now for digital download, or can be purchased on vinyl. Head over to to hear the music and check out the visual display.


 Written by Freddie Rochez.
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